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Nobody knows for certain exactly exactly how many naturists there are on the planet, but the amounts of those loving a clothing optional lifestyle appear to be increasing.

Sadly, naturism still carries a stigma, born mainly of ignorance o read more...

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Nudismo e Nudistas by FKK

Portuguese translation by (Traduzido Por): Rafael Saraiva
[Click here to see the first post, "Naturism," in English or click here to read it in Spanish.]
O que e o nudismo:

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Nudie Lee On Marriage, Naturism and the Need For Communicating

Nudism is Ruining My Marriage By Nudie Lee:
This week's question comes to us from our sister site, Inquire A Naturist.
I've been a social naturist for several years, but I Have been concealing it from my wife and children. Up to now read more...

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A business executive may wear a suit to work, but prefer to holiday at a resort where clothing is optional. People who picked nudism as a manner of li

Is a nudist nude constantly?
Who can be a Nudist?
Naturism is chiefly about endorsement. Those who choose this lifestyle understand that nakedness is the natural human state. There aren't any size or appearance conditions. Folks of shapes read more...

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Growing Up Nudist in a Fkk Family

(Growing up nudist was submitted by one of our readers who instead not mention his name - which we naturally esteem)

Growing Up Naturist:

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Naturist Sites By Naturist Portal

Nudist Sites - Naturists are individuals who appreciate living free of clothes.
The nudist conduct traditionally has nothing to do with sex. Many families enjoy being naked together in a naturist environment. You'll find plenty of places that read more...